Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Manistee Fishing Reports


 The boat and its crew went north today to the trout grounds.  We fished 80-95 FOW

Hitting bottom or close to.  The rotators with the spin-n-glow caught most of our trout.

 The spoons grabbed a couple fish.  Fun was had by all.  Have a great 4th of July.

The Captain. 


June 3, 2016

bartoes john

Some happy Midland fisherman chasing kings.We fished straight out today in a 150 to 200 FOW.The glow spoons in the morning did half of the catchingfishing down 50-80 ft.  A few fish hit the rotators and flys.Later in the morning we also had a few rips on meat androtators.  The boys from Midland had a fun day.  Some nice kings.


July 17 2014

 Good fishing just keeps rolling in. We fished the cold water 4 to 5 miles offshore.

The 2 color leads and 5 color leads did most

of work. Our divers took fish most of half

day fishing.We used the old stand by steelhead spoons ORANGE and more orange. Afew salmon hopped in to our box, but mostly trout. This offshore location is only a shore distance 250 to 360 total depth.

Good luck

The Captain


July 16, 2014

Check out this monster from this week in Manistee.  Congratulations to Jeff Newman and the crew of Tail Hook 19.10 pound steelie caught 7/15/14"



August 25, 2013

Fishing has been good in Manistee for the past week with Kings coming in 80-120 feet early and Kings and Coho out 200-400 feet later in the day.  Plugs and Flashers have both been effective from 40-90 down.  Copper and Divers have worked best after the sun comes up.

July 16, 2013

Fishing has improved greatly with good numbers of Coho, Steelhead, Kings and Laker Trout showing up offshore.  Most people are fishing between the 28 and 34 lines west and in the top 70 feet.  Copper lines with spoons out 100-400 feet have worked well and leadcore has taken fish.  Slide Divers and free sliders on riggers have also been effective.  Our own Capt Larry Scharich took a King over 31# yesterday to prove the big boys are back.



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