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Manistee Charter Information

What to Bring?




Mandatory -

  • Michigan all species fishing license (daily or annual) good for the dates of your trip. They can be purchased online at or at any license retail center or sport shop. Licenses will be checked at the dock. Not required for people 16 and under.
Recommended -
  • Soft soled shoes with non-marking soles (no work boots or black soles please)
  • Hat or visor
  • Sunscreen for your skin and lip balm for your lips
  • Sunglasses
  • Digital camera with charged battery and memory card
  • Video camera
  • Motion sickness medication if you are prone to motion sickness. If you don't know if you get motion sick, assume you do and take precautions. We recommend taking Bonine or Dramamine the night before your trip and the morning of your trip. Ginger is a natural motion sickness remedy, so also try ginger candy or ginger snaps.
  • Appropriate clothes for the season. Lake Michigan water temps generally cool the air down as much as 10-15º, especially during the spring months.
  • Rain gear if rain is in the forecast. (we can hide under the top, but fighting fish is done outside)
  • Snacks or food in a small cooler
  • Cooler for transporting your fish fillets home at the end of the day
  • Beverages of choice (no glass containers please)


Why Charter?

manistee chinook salmonCharter Fishing is a Bargain!

King SalmonOwning your own boat can be a rewarding experience; you are the captain and have the option of fishing when and where you want or simply going for a leisurely cruise with the family. Yet, for many people, owning a boat is not an option for a variety of reasons. And trying to justify owning a boat with the dollar value of the fish you expect to catch in a season is a lesson in bad economics.
Michigan Sea Grant conducted a survey of the charter fishing industry and found that the average charter operator had to make more than 45 trips per year just to break even. Since the costs of boat ownership are similar for a private individual owning a 25-foot vessel, you would need to make at least 45 trips to financially justify owning a boat rather than chartering!

kids love Manistee fishing

Consider your cost of ten six-passenger salmon charters on Lake Michigan to be divided among you and five friends. Your share of these ten charters wouldn't come close to the cost of docking a 25-foot boat at a Lake Michigan marina for one season. Not to mention the value of experience gained by fishing with a knowlegable professional charter captain or guide. These captains fish the lake daily and have the added advantage of locating and staying on top of fish.... ensuring you a successful charter



Call the Captain of your choice or

 dial 1-888-455-0192 and we will find one for you!


Lasting Memories!

boy with salmonFishing is a great way to spend time with family , friends, or business aquantencies; the thrill of hearing the cry “FISH ON”. Whether its a line ripping salmon, or a sky-rocketing steelhead jumping 6 feet in the air, fishing provides a lifetime of memories.

We can even arrange your own private fishing tournament.

Manistee Area Charter captains can guide you into landing that trophy catch. Their knowledge and experience of the area will all but ensure you a successful trip.

Multiple boats arranged for larger groups.

another great Manistee fish


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